Saturday, October 19, 2019

District Finance Office

Martha Moore
    Accounting Clerk
Property Tax Collections
Glenna Linville
(859) 987-2160
    School Accounting Clerk
After School Program Accounting Clerk
Jennifer Graves

One of the most difficult challenges facing public schools is the issue of funding. It is our duty and privilege to organize, manage, and maintain accurate records of school and district financial transactions. We willingly offer whatever assistance our accounting and financial skills can provide in overcoming these challenges and are proud of our many successes in this endeavor.

Our office is located in the district's Central Office at 310 West 7th Street, Paris KY, 40361. The Board of Education and Central Office of the Paris Independent School District are located behind our Fine Arts Building and below the Middle School. If you are having trouble finding our Board of Education or our Central Office just look for the bright orange steps.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.
Any changes to these hours will be posted on the District Homepage.  

Draft Budget 2018-2019

Tentative Budget 2017-2018
Working Budget 2017-2018

Annual Reports:
Audited Annual Report 2015-2016
Audited Balance Sheet 2015-2016
Kentucky Department Of Education Audit Review 2015-2016
Audited Annual Report 2016-2017
Audited Balance Sheet 2016-2017
Annual Report 2017-2018 *unaudited*
Balance Sheet 2017-2018 *unaudited*

Monthly Revenues & Expenditures:
December 2017 Monthly Report
January 2018 Monthly Report
February 2018 Monthly Report
March 2018 Monthly Report
April 2018 Monthly Report
May 2018 Monthly Report
June 2018 Monthly Report
July 2018 Monthly Report
August 2018 Monthly Report
September 2018 Monthly Report
October 2018 Monthly Report
November 2018 Monthly Report
December 2018 Monthly Report
January 2019 Monthly Report
February 2019 Monthly Report
March 2019 Monthly Report
April 2019 Monthly Report
May 2019 Monthly Report

Monthly Balance Sheets:
December 2017 Balance Sheet
January 2018 Balance Sheet
February 2018 Balance Sheet
March 2018 Balance Sheet
April 2018 Balance Sheet
May 2018 Balance Sheet
June 2018 Balance Sheet
July 2018 Balance Sheet
August 2018 Balance Sheet
September 2018 Balance Sheet
October 2018 Balance Sheet 
November 2018 Balance Sheet
December 2018 Balance Sheet
January 2019 Balance Sheet
February 2019 Balance Sheet
March 2019 Balance Sheet
April 2019 Balance Sheet
May 2019 Balance Sheet