Sunday, July 21, 2019

Superintendent's Message


Paris Independent Schools 
Central Office 
310 West 7th Street
Paris, KY 40361
Phone : (859) 987-2160
Fax: (859) 987- 6749


Ken Bicknell


Dear Parents and Guardians of Paris Independent Schools Students:

It is my honor to welcome back our students and their families as we start another school year.  As the first day for students quickly approaches, the staff of Paris Independent Schools are busy with preparations.  At each of our schools, the Principals and their office staffs are ready to assist your families with registration, scheduling, and any other concerns. 

The dedicated and talented professional staff of the Paris Independent Schools are excited about new challenges and are confident of a year filled with accomplishments. Over the summer our teachers took advantage of Professional Development opportunities to learn about new instructional strategies, technology for their classrooms, curriculum aligned to the new Common Core State Standards.  To support our system of Personalized Learning at Paris Independent with high expectations tailored to individual needs, every Paris Middle School and High School student will receive a Chromebook when they return to school this fall.  Technology has become a necessary tool for all of our students’ toolbox.  The focus is not on having a Chromebook, but how our students will use this technology to enhance and engage them in learning.  Students are already savvy technology consumers and the staff is eager to become their collaborative partners. 

The most meaningful factor in assisting students to have a successful school experience is the concern, participation, and involvement of their parents.  In order to help your children meet their goals, we need your involvement, whether it be through attending parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in your child’s school, and most importantly, reinforcing the importance of on-time school attendance, appropriate behavior and class participation, and completion of schoolwork. Due to your involvement last year, we had a great year for student attendance, resulting in the highest cumulative attendance in the last five years.

As you enjoy the last few days of summer vacation, please know that your principal will be happy to answer any questions you might have related to the opening of school or feel free to contact my office at 859-987-2160.

On behalf of all of the staff at the Paris Independent Schools, best wishes for a successful school year to you and your family.

As we get ready to enter the upcoming school year, All children, regardless of income, will be able to eat breakfast and lunch at their school at no cost in the upcoming school year.  The program, called Community Eligibility through the Federal Food Lunch Program, provides an eligible meal to all students.  The key to sustaining this program is the number of students who participate by eating the meals.  As we all know as parents, a hungry child is not at their best in the classroom.  This program will remove that barrier.

Again, I want to thank you for allowing us to work with your child as we strive to provide an excellent educational environment.

 Thank you for visiting the Paris Independent Schools’ web page.  I hope you will find information you are looking for in an easy and intuitive manner and the  web site will become the “go to” location for any and all information you might need.  If you do not find this to be true then please let us know.

Have a wonderful school year!

Ken Bicknell 

Paris Independent Schools
"Empowering Lives"