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Severe Weather and School Closings

Severe Weather and School Closings

WLEX-18 - SnowTracker - School Closings

WKYT-27 - SnoGo - School Closings

WTVQ 36 -  SnoWatch- School Closings

On School days when snow, ice or other hazards make travel conditions questionable, or on days when other circumstances arise that may require school closure, schools will either be cancelled or, if it appears that road conditions may improve or other contributing condition will be quickly resolved, school will operate on a delayed schedule.

Whenever schools are dismissed or delayed, parents will receive a phone call from School Messenger, the school district’s automated messaging system. You may also be contacted by text message or e-mail. To advise us of your notification preferences or update your contact information notify your child's school. 

If a phone call from the automated messaging system is answered the first time the system will not repeat the call. If the call is not answered the system will make three total attempts before it moves to the next household. 

It is very important that you keep all telephone and other contact information current with your child's school so that these calls will reach you, not only for school closures, but to relay other messages from your school that may affect your child.  

Whenever schools are dismissed or delayed, it will also be announced on the radio no later than 6:00a.m. over WLAP and WVLK and television on channels 18, 27, 36 in Lexington. Links to the closure notification website of each of these TV stations can be found at the top of this document.

In the event that inclement weather conditions or some other emergency should occur during the school day, a decision will be made consistent with the nature of the weather conditions or emergency that will assure the safety of our students.

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