Sunday, December 16, 2018

Paris Elementary School Archived News, January - June 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Second grade students performed their musical complete with elaborate costumes, detailed props and a spirited singing and dancing!

An Accomplishment!
  Third grade student, Briley Cline, completed all levels of the reading program, Lexia! She was awarded a plant and certificate in front of the student body for recognition.

Thinking Like an Engineer
  Students think like Civil Engineers to create structures that will minimize damage caused by Natural Disasters such as the recent earthquake in Nepal.  Click here to view more photos.


Visit to the Hopewell Museum

  Kindergarten visited The Hopewell Museum and made quilt designs with geometric shapes! Students also learned about the history of Bourbon County, covered bridges and clothing styles!  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.


All Aboard!
Third grade students visited the Bluegrass Railway Museum in Versailles recently and learned about railway history. They took a ride on a coach from yesteryear around the scenic horse farms of Woodford County.

Fun at the Farm!
  Kindergarten visited The Farm at Landworks on Friday. Students learned that cow horns are actually warm because blood flows through them! They also learned that strawberries begin as a flower bloom! Everyone had a blast at the petting zoo and strawberry patch!  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.

Spring Concert!
The 5th grade band under the direction of Mr. Morris performed their year end beginning band concert. It was music to our ears!

Students have cultivated their own vegetables in Ms. Lenhart’s indoor Tower Garden. The length of the roots has caused reason for amazement!

Derby Art Project
With help from Mrs. Sowder, students completed a project to share their their artistry with the Kentucky Arts Council. Click here to view the complete photo gallery.

New Beginnings!
Students in Mrs. Skaggs' kindergarten have been incubating eggs. The first chick hatched as the students watched in amazement!

Downtown Art Walk!
  Paris Elementary students displayed artwork at the Art Walk held in downtown Paris, KY on April 24, 2015.  Click here to see the complete photo gallery.

PES Hosts First Career Day!
Friday was an amazing day at PES with it being our first ever, "Career Fair!" We had a large number of professions represented  by community guests and our students also did a nice job of sharing research on varying vocations on poster boards, too.  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.

GREAT Club Explores The Louisville Science Center!
  The Girls Rockin' Engineering and Technology (GREAT) Club took a class called "Energy in Motion" and explored all science and technology exhibits at the Louisville Science Center as part of their exploration of STEM careers.  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.

STLP Produces Clay Animation!
The Paris Elementary STLP recently completed a Clay Animation Project. The students were responsible for creating the storyline, characters, and setting.  They were able to add effects as well as music.  Click here to view the video.

Madcap Puppeteers Visited PES!

Students enjoyed storytelling performances from the professional puppeteers, MadCap Puppets, thanks to the Paris Elementary Library!  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.

Tower Garden!

  Third grade students planted seeds in a Tower Garden, a vertical garden that will allow them to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the corner of their classroom.

State Winner!
Congratulations to second grade student Trystin Billman who was the State Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Art Contest winner!

Regional Governor's Cup Winners!
The Paris Elementary FPS Team placed 4th in the Regional Future Problem Solving. Team members include:  Madalene Evans, Katie Boshears, Jocey Young, and Kate Steiner.  Additionally, Katie Boshears individually placed 5th in Written Composition! Congratulations ladies, you make Paris proud!

Family Math Night!
  Students and their family members came out to enjoy a mystery quest at the annual math night. The event involved a series of clues that led to who stole the missing cookies! The mystery was solved and families had a night of math fun together.  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.


Paper Towel Test!
  Second grade students from Mrs. Michele Sturgeon's class collaborated with third grade students to test the softness of a variety of paper towels. The second graders recorded and analyzed their data to determine which paper towel was the softest.

Girl Club is GREAT!
  Members of the GREAT (Girls Rockin’ Engineering And Technology) Club explore structural engineering. The after school club is designed to inspire fourth and fifth grade female students to learn more about the field of engineering, and encourage them to learn more about engineering in the future. The Club is funded by a grant written by Amberlyn Schjoll, who aspires to share her love of engineering with younger female students.  

Goin' Buggy!
Third graders production of
"Goin' Buggy"
was bright, humorous,
and memorable!

PES Hosts Governor's Cup

PES hosted the district Academic Team Governor's Cup on Saturday, Feb. 28. We were very proud of our team and their coaches Mrs. Graves and Ms. Slone. We would also like to thank Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Waugh for their special assistance! Results were as follows for the PES Academic Team and its members:
Future Problem Solving- 1st Place
Quick Recall- 2nd Place
Tyler Gonzalez- Math- 5th Place
Madalene Evans- Social Studies- 4th Place
Noah Tubbs- Science- 1st Place
Katie Boshears-Composition- 5th Place
Katy Chumbley- Arts and Humanities- 2nd Place
Sheridan Harrison- Arts and Humanities- 5th Place 

Young Author's Day
  Students at PES spent Young Author's Day enjoying a visit from Toma the Mime! The day began with an assembly where the mime acted out stories for students. They then wrote stories for Toma to act out later in the day. All stories had criteria to follow for the mime to follow. Special thanks to the PES PTO for sponsoring this event!  Click here to view the complete gallery.

Stupendous Spellers!
Grades K and 1:
    Winner- John Taylor Yazell (grade 1)
    Runner Up- Tiyah Franklin (grade 1)
    Student that stayed in the longest in other grade represented: Audrey Gonzalez     (Kindergarten)
Grade 2 and 3:
    Winner- Ciara Byars (grade 2)
    Runner Up-  Briley Cline (grade 3)
Grades 4 and 5:  (Pictured above)
    Winner- Brianna Byars (grade 4)
    Runner Up- Royce Turner (grade 4)
    Student that stayed in the longest in other grade represented- Kentarrion Downey     (grade 5)
Click here to view the complete photo gallery.

Trip to Toyota Plant
  Fifth grade students were welcomed into the doors of Toyota for a tour of the plant and to learn more about recycled goods.  Students have been learning about assembly lines and production. The students had a wonderful time!

Greyhounds Inspire Us!
  Students that scored well on the recent MAP test or made significant gains earned a series of rewards including cupcakes and an individual picture with a live greyhound!

The Arcade
  Students in Ms. Lenhart's science class engineered, tested, and refined their cardboard box games. They then opened their arcade for fellow schoolmates to try out and earn prizes!  Click here to view the complete photo gallery.