Monday, August 20, 2018

Paris High School - Teacher Pages

For information about teachers, their schedules and classroom activities, please click on any of the names listed below.
Name    Title    Email Address 
Dailey, Jami    Principal 
Johnson, Bertha    Assistant Principal  
Brooks, Nicole
Ogden, Brandi    Counselor  
Brooks, Terence    School Administrative Manager
Teacher    Department    Email Address 
Bustetter, Alexandra   Art
Bowens, Brynne   English
Campbell, Kristen   Language Arts
Campbell, Kyle   LBD
Davila-Beegle, Ivonne   Innovation
Farrow, Morgan
Gabriel, Kathleen   FMD
Gonzalez, Rey   Spanish
Hogg, Chris   Math
Isaacs, Jeff   Gifted Consultant
Majewski, Amy   Academy of Health Sciences
Manuel, Millicent
  Special Education
Martin, Reesa   Health/PE
Mason, Amy    English  
Masters, Eric   Band
Mathes, Keagan
Maynard, Leslie   Math
Myers, Vonda   Biology
Neal, Wesley
  Social Studies
Newton, Lori   LBD
Stafford, George   JKG
Vance, Cathy

Culinary Arts
Washington, Brian    Alternative Classroom  
White, Colleen    Science