Thursday, June 20, 2019

Paris Middle School Archived News, November 2015

A Different Perspective on Math
  Seventh grade students in Ms. Leslie Maynard's classroom created "Upside Down Calculator Riddles" while working upside down Michelangelo style! 

Students Take a Geology Walk
Students in Ms. Kathleen Harris' 8th grade science class participated in a "Geology Walk".  The class studied the rocks on and around the campus.  Students learned about rock formation, the environment our rocks were formed in, fossils in our rocks, erosion, and geologic time.  Most of all, the students had the opportunity to see science in action!

Honoring Those Who Served
  Gabriella Jones, Diego Blaco, and Georgina Rojas honor our new Fusion teacher, Mrs. Ivonne Davila-Beegle, who is a veteran of the Army by writing her letters of appreciation on this Veteran's Day.