Monday, March 25, 2019

Cynthia Cain

Hi! I am Cynthia Cain, and I am a LBD teacher in the middle school.  I work with a variety of students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades in my resource room and through a co-teach/collaboration model.  I love coming to school every day and working with my students.  I also love supporting my students and my daughters, Abby and Erin, at sporting events and band competitions.

Believe it or not, this is my twentieth year of teaching!  I graduated from college in 1994 from Union College with a degree in Elementary Education.  In 1998, I completed my Master’s Degree in Special Education.   During my twenty years, I have taught a variety of age groups and subjects and in a variety of states.  I have worked with students ranging from kindergarten to seniors in Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and New York City.  I love all age groups, but I really think there’s something special about middle school students.  I’m so happy that my new school home is at Paris Middle School.  I love the staff and students, and I plan to be here for a while!

Class Schedule:  

1st Period:  Planning

2nd Period:  English 8 Co-teach
3rd Period:  Math 6 Co-teach
4th Period:  Math 8 Co-teach
5th Period:  Resource Room
6th Period:  Social Studies 7 Co-teach
7th Period:  Math 7 Co-teach