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Greyhound Academy

Greyhound Academy

Students will return to school via the Greyhound Academy on September 8th. In-person instruction is currently planned to begin September 28th. On that date, families will be able to choose to learn via the Greyhound Academy or through Direct In-Person learning. Below is a breakdown of what each option will look like.  Starting September 28th, students and parents are asked to commit to the Direct In-Person Model or the Greyhound Academy for a specific period of time (until our scheduled breaks Fall, Winter and Spring). Students who register for Direct In-Person instruction will have the option to transfer to Greyhound Academy at any point; however, students who are enrolled in Greyhound Academy will continue with that option until the scheduled break in the year.  Descriptions of each option are shown below: 

Greyhound Academy (Virtual At-Home Learning) - This model would allow students to receive daily instruction on an online platform from home. Students will be able to complete new learning on this platform. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to communicate virtually with a certified teacher every school day. Lessons will be delivered with a variety of resources like video, zoom, google classroom links and Summit (at the Middle and High School level). The pace of learning will match what is being taught with the Direct In-Person model. 

Direct In-Person Model - This plan includes face to face instruction at our schools. Students who choose this option would attend school five days a week with numerous safety precautions in place. Face masks will be required when on buses, when moving and when 6 feet of social distancing cannot be met. Temperature checks will occur for all students and staff each day upon arrival and hand washing and sanitizing will happen frequently. Rooms and areas where different students would transition will be sanitized and deep cleaning will occur after school. 
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