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Digital Sign Content Submission

Digital Sign Content Submission Protocol

There are two digital signs. One on Main Street in front of Paris Elementary School and one on 7th Street in front of Paris Middle School and Paris High School.

How to submit content to be placed on the Digital Signs:

  1. Fill out THIS Google Form with specific information.

  2. Our communications team will receive an email with your request.

  3. Ideally, both Digital Signs will be updated each Tuesday morning during the regular school year, and occasionally throughout the summer and winter break.

What content IS allowed:

  • Advertisement for school related events and sports (home games, fall festivals, student art shows, etc.)

  • Reminders for school events and deadlines (end of semester, FAFSA due date, testing dates, etc.)

  • Recognitions for outstanding staff members and students

  • Photos and videos of students and staff

What content IS NOT allowed:

  • Advertisements for businesses, groups, and events not directly related to Paris Independent Schools or its students and staff

    • General advertisement for an art show downtown is not considered to be directly related and will not be shared. However, an advertisement that states “Check out our students' work in the art show downtown on Saturday” is directly related to our students and can be shared, even though the art show is not a school event.)

  • Profanity or inappropriate language or content of any kind

  • Low quality (blurry, wordy, or confusing) content

  • Photos of individuals who have not given written permission to have their photo shared (parents, community members, and Paris students without written permission)


Disclaimer: It is possible that not all submitted content will be uploaded to our signs. Content will be filtered by appropriateness and relevance, prioritizing the content that is the most relevant to the largest number of our students and families.

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