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Houghton Mifflin PRE-K
Houghton Mifflin PRE-K is a hands-on, minds-on curriculum that is based on scientific research. Aligned with key Pre-K learning goals, it provides children with the foundational skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners.  The curriulum has many different parts including a social-emotional piece that teaches children self control as well as learning about their emotions.  The curriculum is set up with ten different learning themes that are designed to capture young children’s intereest and attention.

Visual Phonics by Hand
Visual Phonics by Hand is a system of handcues for teaching and using phonics with deaf children. However research has shown that young children are given and extra support with the use of sign language to teach vocabulary and letters awareness.  It offers a quick tool to show the phonemes in English speech and spelling. Paris Preschool has implemented Viusal Phonics for four years and each year students letter identcaiton and sound production incease.
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