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Contact Information:
Paris Preschool
Email: [email protected]

Staff Hours are Monday-Friday
Students do not attend classes on Fridays
Program Overview

Our center time is a time for the children to play, explore and use their imagination to learn.  Each child has opportunities every day to participate in these centers.  I am sure you will hear about them at home and the great fun they offer.

Science * Dramatic Play * Art * Library * Math/Manipulatives * Block * Writing

In our Preschool room, adults will always be expected to model positive behavior.

For disruptive problems, I will always talk to your child to hear the problem.

If a behavior becomes frequent you will be notified and a meeting will be scheduled to determine other strategies to support them.

Please let us know if there are prescribed medications that your child is taking and need during school hours.  This will help us be more aware of any situation that may arise as well as have plans with our school nurse to be involved to make decisions of treatment.

Bringing items from home
Due to a child’s possessions being lost or broken, they will not be allowed to bring in toys or games from home unless it is a special occasion such as show and tell.  I will let you know when this special occasion may be.

Dress Code
Please refer to the Student Handbook for a more detailed list on these policies and others. 
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